Andy Aquarius Aquarian Mysticism Place To Be

Nothing on the horizon but lame symbols.

Andy Aquarius makes a fishy offer. A rare serenity and an honest statement in the age of cheap thrills, disruption antics, corporate limbo and conspicuous meme energy. Andy has honed a vibe. A triumph of sound, in agreement with itself; satisfaction and clear intent. It's Atlantean music, that is to say, it glides, it pulses forward with the determination of naval movements, joyfully watching and embracing the crushing inevitability of Pop Melody and the Great Flood. Big chords, loping sine leads unfold, and the perfect space is left open for the crystalline atmosphere to expand.

This is the magic fountain of Andy Aquarius. The songs can be observed from the window of a 2016 Hummer cruising parallel to the shoreline. Milemarkers fly by, windswept plastic bags punctuate the scene, and the forward motion is an ominous divination.