Andy Aquarius,

a rare serenity and an honest statement in the age of cheap thrills, disruption antics,
 corporate limbo and conspicuous meme energy. Andy has honed a sound; with satisfaction and clear intent. It's Atlantean music, that is to say, it glides, it pulses forward with the determination of naval movements, joyfully watching and evading the crushing inevitability of Pop Melody and the Great Flood. Big waves, swirling motifs unfold, and the perfect space is left open for the crystalline atmosphere to expand.

Andy Aquarius is the solo moniker of multi-instrumentalist and singer Andy Ozbolt, and is the project into which he channels his unfiltered visions and mindscapes, while also playing in various bands and other musical endeavours spanning a wide array of genres.


Words by Joel Isaac Black

Photography by Mikolaj Rogowski