Andy Aquarius Celtic Harp

When you push through the Bavarian ur-Wald and you pop out in El Paso, the horse with no name will eventually lead you to the promised land. Now, as before, it is the endless horizon for the seeker. It’s a life-long pull, a need to sooth, all travelling minstrels, coastal hobos and heartworn cowboys have passed this way before. Channeling Mediterranean and bucolic roots, Andy Aquarius has embarked on a unique form of triumphant road poetry. Andy is foremost a plaintive young harpist, a gentle and ageless soul, but then he is extremely modern, his intuition and understanding of inner and outer landscapes. A composer of easy tunes, rolling loveletters to glowing nights at the beach, jangly light harmonies before daybreak, an uncanny ability to slow time to geological pace is present in his moods. A man and his harp, some cheery vagabonds along for the pilgrimage, all of the ancient/modern world at his fingertips.



Words by Joel Isaac Black

Photography by Jessica Roes