Felt Interscape | EP



The Ceder

Airport Rd



The Diver





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released  May 5th, 2023



La Force Aquarienne | EP


U Lisi


La Force Aquarienne







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released  September 22nd, 2022


String Layers II | Compilation


The Mere









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released  June 17th, 2022





Dreamstate Baby | Full-Length


Downhill Momentum

Dreamstate Baby

Tree Police

Bill's Little Dream Farm

One Man's Ceiling

Another Man's Floor

Molasses In The Dead Of Winter 



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released  April 8th, 2022




Chapel | Full-Length



High On An Astral Horse

Soon We'll Move

Morning Will Come

The Phase Has Changed

Aquarius Moon




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released November 12th, 2021



The Warren / The Homestead | Single


The Warren 

The Homestead








released October 15th, 2021



The Family Dog Never Felt At Home | Full-Length


Broken Sauna Naked Seance

The Invisible Garden

Wiretapping The Ones I Love

Premature Equinox

Dog Adventure In Slow Motion

Living On Construction Sites




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released April 2nd, 2021



The Ocean View Tapes | EP


We Do Well

Simple Song

Room Was Taken

What's Going On

Century Blues 

Letting Grow 

Cool Moon 


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released January 19, 2018



Thin Air | Single

[with The Aquarian Live Band]


Thin Air







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released July 12, 2017



Rough Travels | EP


Cut Me Loose   

We Know the Matters

Years in the Fallow

Can't You See

Lucky Birds

Next to the Road

Sand and Foam


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released May 6, 2016          



Resonance and Strikes | EP



All That Turns

Rough Travels

Settle Down

The Warren 




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released November 1, 2015